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Road Transport


1-    Partial Transportation:

The partial transportation service can be defined as a logistics service which gives the possibility to a company which has fewer products for transporting such products at economical rates. In this mode of transportation, the products of more than one shipper are transported.  Because we have dispatches (shipment) on daily basis from our transportation locations the materials shipped are delivered to the receivers (consignees) in the fastest and most reliable way.

Our company is the market leader in the sector and in the region in partial shipments to Iraq.


2-   Full Cargo Transportation:

Full Cargo Transportation is a mode of transportation of products and goods of a person or a company which can fill a full vehicle and which is transported on a door-to-door delivery basis.

The products/materials are transported to their place of arrival on such different vehicles as panel-vans, small trucks, trucks, or TIR trucks depending on their dimensions and weights.

INTERNATİONAL GLOBAL CARGO also provides full cargo transportation services for carrying goods and products from any point in Turkey and any point in the other parts of the world to any point in the whole world or in Turkey in line with the requirements of the customers.


3-    Express Transportation:

INTERNATİONAL GLOBAL CARGO can realize the delivery of cargoes with the express transportation services by transporting your cargoes on panel-vans or small trucks with a loading capacity of 3-4 tons without waiting in the long queues of TIR trucks and other trucks at the customs gates.

With Express transportation we deliver cargoes to the northern provinces of Iraq within 2-3 days, to Baghdad within 3-4 days, and to the southern provinces within 5-6 days.


4-   Transit Transportation:

Transit transportation is the mode of transportation of goods and products which starts in any country and ends in any other country after passing through at least one other country, and in this transportation goods are carried between the departing country and arrival country.


– Full and partial cargo transportation from Europe to Iraq and to Turkey,

– Full and partial indirect and combined (marine transportation + road transportation) transportation from Europe to Turkey and Iraq,

– Full and partial cargo transportation from all of the ports throughout the world

– and Transit customs clearance services are provided in this scope.

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